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Commercial CCTV Systems:

Security West are always on the lookout for the most innovative security technology available from local and international suppliers. Our main focus is developing an Integrated Video Surveillance System with the option of Network Capability to suit your business requirements. Our Integrated Video Surveillance Systems can be customised to suit specific applications including hidden or spy cameras.

We are also able to provide the latest Integrated Video Surveillance technology using 360 degree fish-eye camera systems to capture some blind spots. Our Digital Recorder System can be programmed to record Real Time 24 hrs a day or Motion Recording only or a mixture of both.

Some of our most popular remote viewing Integrated Video Surveillance Systems have been used to help our customers to monitor their businesses from all over the world using the internet.

    The benefits of our Integrated Video Surveillance System:
  1. Reduce the risk of theft
  2. Reduce the risk of vandalism
  3. Reduce the risk of violent crime
  4. Reduce the risk of internal staff theft
  5. Reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour
  6. Evidence for authorities to identify criminals
  7. Evidence against fraudulent public liability claims
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