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Residential Monitored Alarm System

Our name is synonymous with personalised service as we customised our security system to suit individual applications. At Security West, we put your personal safety first. We know for a fact that money can never replace our loved ones. When we design a security system to suit you, the first thing in our mind is to make sure it is easy to use. We know from experience that when an alarm system becomes too complex, it discourages people from using it.

Our Home Security will firstly deter would be criminals from trying to break into your home using warning signs visible from the front of the house. When our Warning Sings fail to deter would be criminal, our 24 hrs Monitored Home Security System would go to work for you in protecting your safety and personal belongings.

Depending on your level of risks, we can design the most basic security to the most sophisticated security available in the market to protect your home. We have several home security packages to suit our customers including wireless systems to protect premises that are impossible to cable. Security West will protect what is most important to you and your family and bring peace of mind to your entire family.

    The Benefits of our 24 hrs Monitored Home Alarm Security System:
  1. Fire Alert
  2. Medic Alert
  3. Power failure alert
  4. System Tamper Alert
  5. Police Response of Panic Alarm Activation
  6. Back Up Battery Trouble Alert
  7. System Communication Failure Report
  8. Police Response to break & enter incident
  9. Keyholder Response to break & enter incident
  10. Security Guard Response to break & enter incident
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